Courtney Hillebrecht

Courtney Hillebrecht

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hillebrecht's research interests lie at the intersection of international human rights organizations and domestic politics. Her book, Domestic Politics and International Human Rights Tribunals:  The Problem of Compliance, was recently published  by Cambridge University Press (February 2014).  

Professor Hillebrecht is also the co-editor, along with Patrice C. McMahon and Tyler White, of 
State Responses to Human Security:  At Home and Abroad.  

Her research has also appeared in a variety of human rights and political science journals, including Human Rights Quarterly, Human Rights Review, the European Journal of International Relations and Foreign Policy Analysis, among others.  She is currently working on a multi-method project on the deterrent effects of international criminal accountability.    

Research Areas

Human Rights, International Relations, International Law and Organizations

    Current Research

    • Compliance with international human rights tribunals
    • Deterrence and international criminal accountability
    • The global governance of human rights
    • The domestic politics of humanitarian intervention
    • Human rights in Latin America


    • International Studies Association Steven C. Poe Graduate Student Paper Award for “When Talk is Cheap:  Understanding Compliance with International Human Rights Tribunals,” 2010
    • National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Fellowship, Law and Social Sciences, 2009
    • Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2005-2006

    Recent Publications

    • Courtney Hillebrecht, Domestic Politics and International Human Rights Tribunals:  The Problem of Compliance.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014.

    • Courtney Hillebrecht, Tyler White and Patrice McMahon, eds. At Home and Abroad:  How States Respond to Human Security Threats. New York: Routledge Press, 2013.

    • Courtney Hillebrecht, “The Power of Human Rights Tribunals:  Compliance and Domestic Policy Change.”  Online First March 18, 2014, European Journal of International Relations.

    • Courtney Hillebrecht.  2012.  “The Domestic Mechanisms of Compliance with International Law:  Case Studies from the Inter-American Human Rights System. Human Rights Quarterly, 34 (2): 959-985.
    • Courtney Hillebrecht.  2012. “Implementing International Human Rights Law at Home:  Domestic Politics and the European Court of Human Rights.” Human Rights Review, 13 (3): 279-301.

    Career Highlights

    • Executive Committee Member, "The Inter-American Human Rights System: Assessing its Development and Impact"
    • Joined UNL Faculty in 2010
    • PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010
    • Visiting fellowships/scholar at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard University; School of Human Rights Research (2009), Utrecht University, the Netherlands (2009); and International Relations Institute, University of São Paulo, Brazil (2012)