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Versatile skills for limitless opportunities

A political science degree is one of the best degrees you can obtain, combining the analytical and communication skills of a liberal arts degree with an in-depth understanding of governments and political processes. Your political science degree prepares you for virtually any career path, from government to law, journalism to business.

But... if you get your political science degree from UNL — a Big Ten University — you get even more advantages, such as:

  • Small Class Sizes — With an average class size of 25, students experience a close-knit learning environment while having access to the resources of a large research university.
  • Award-Winning Professors — Our faculty regularly win both prestigious teaching awards as well as research awards.
  • Internships - Being located in the heart of Nebraska, in the State Capitol, gives our students access to innumerable work, volunteer and networking opportunities.
  • UCARE — As a Big Ten University as well as a Research 1 school, our professors are working on groundbreaking research everyday, and involving our undergraduates through the UCARE program.
  • Education Abroad — Undergraduates at UNL have access to hundreds of study abroad and intern abroad experiences every year, and the faculty will always work with you to make the experience as rewarding as possible.

Our majors also experience courses in different subfields of political science-all which contribute to their overall knowledge of complex political relations and institutions.

The Major Requirements

A major in Political Science requires 33 hours, including:
  • POLS 100 (Power and Politics in America) or POLS 100H (denoting honors)
  • POLS 160 or POLS 160H (denoting honors)
  • One of the following courses focusing on political theory: POLS 108, 383, 384 or 386
  • POLS 400 (senior-level capstone course)
  • Eighteen (18) hours split equally between two of the following areas of study: 1) American Government and Public Policy; 2) International Relations and Comparative Politics; 3) Human Rights and Security; 4) Biology, Psychology, and Politics
  • Nine (9) hours of Political Science Courses at the 400-level (inlcuding POLS 400)
All courses taken for the major must be taken for a grade except POLS 395 (internship).

Majors in Political Science and related disciplines who are interested in policy may also pursue a certificate in Public Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation. This certificate includes coursework in a number of academic programs and disciplines, and is particularly well suited for students interested in working for government or a specific policy field. 

To declare a Political Science major, go to the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center in 107 Oldfather Hall.

The Minor Requirements

A minor in Political Science requires 18 hours, including:

  • POLS 100
  • One course at the 400 level.

Senior Check

If you have earned 85 or more credits, please make arrangements for a "senior check" with Linda Pence in 109 Canfield. The review insures that you have completed the necessary requirements to graduate.