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Welcome, alumni and friends of the Department of Political Science. We appreciate and value your support and continued involvement in the department.

How did curiosity move you to where you are today? Share your story with the college and connect with the Nebraska Alumni Association.


We appreciate the multitude of alumni and friends who have supported the Political Science Department. We greatly value your private gifts, as they are vital to keeping our department on the cutting edge and continuing a positive learning experience for Political Science students at UNL. Your gifts help to create academic and leadership opportunities for students, as well as support the scholarly pursuits of faculty and graduate students.

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Other Ways to Give Back

Although we value your private financial gifts, we understand it is not the only way for alumni to give back to the department. Today, former students from our department find themselves immersed in a global market, hailing from a host of professional backgrounds. We firmly believe our students today could learn from the ones who came before them. If you have a job that pertains to a facet of Political Science, or are a former student looking to give back, we would love to hear from you.

You might consider:

  • Offering to guest lecture for a class
  • Informing us of an internship you or your company or agency offers
  • Meeting with students interested in your profession
  • Serving as a contact point for students who aspire for a similar career
  • Participating in a career panel

To give back in one of these ways (or if you have another idea), please contact us.

Alumni Stories

The Department of Political Science alumni have accomplished astounding achievements since exiting our halls. Read more below.

Katie Czapanskiy is currently studied law at Marquette University Law School. Katie was named the Wisconsin Bar Association's Public Interest Law Student of the Year. She is a two-time Public Interest Law Society Fellow and President of the Public Interest Law Society. Through events at Nebraska, Katie knew she wanted to use her law degree to assist underserved and at-risk communities. Katie loved The Big Event and other philanthropic events through Phi Sigma Pi.