Previous Schedules

Academic Year 2020-2021
August 24: Introductions and Logistics
September 7: Łukasz Niparko, "Civil Society Response to the Erosion of Democracy: A Case Study of Poland". Discussant: Ursula Kreitmair
September 21: Pierce Ekstrom, "The Selective Communication of Political Information: Future Directions in a Research Agenda". Discussant: Geoff Lorenz
October 5: Geoff Lorenz, "Drawing Better Lawmakers: Redistricting Institutions and Legislative Effectiveness". Discussant: Dona-Gene Barton.
October 19: Clarisse Warren, "Not Quite Woke: Implicit Sexism Toward Female Leaders". Discussant: Kyle Hull.
November 2: Alison O'Toole, "Life at the Brink of Difference: Immigrant Diversity, National Identity, Values, and Behavior".  Discussant: Shannon Konkol.
November 16: Kyle Hull, "District 2 Swinging Blue". Discussant: Alex Hall.
February 8: Alison O'Toole, "Normative Deviance and Unwilling Hosts: What's it Take for the Left-Leaning to Exclude Immigrants?" Discussant: Geoff Lorenz.
February 22: Noelle Troutman, "(Ms.)Calculated Risk: A Theory of Gender Differences in Bargaining." Discussant: Alyssa Sloane
March 8: Dean Jackson, "Tweeting with Feeling: or how we came to hate our digital neighbors". Discussant: Łukasz Niparko.
March 22: Fathiyyah Maryufani, "National Identity in Digital Indonesia." Discussant: Alison O’Toole
March 29: Nichole Bauer (LSU)
April 5th: MPSA practice talks
April 19th: Łukasz Niparko, "On being and becoming 'upstanders': the 21st-Century Civil Society in the Making." Discussant: Dean Jackson
May 3rd: First-year research presentations
Academic Year 2019-2020
September 16: Elizabeth Theiss-Morse - Liberal Citizenship and the Challenge of Respect
September 23: Alison O'Toole - Diversity of Values, Normative Violations, and...'I Don't Think I Like You'
October 7: Kyle Hull - Does my wheelchair slow me down? Attitudes towards Public Servants with Disabilities
October 21: No Meeting
October 28: Ernest Dupree - White Male and Female Attitudes and Contemporary Public Policy
November 11: No Meeting
November 25: David Henderson - Biological Aspects of Political Attitudes
December 9: Francia Baltazar Parra - Feeling Mexico in Our Own Skin: implications of skin color on public opinion concerning coups d’État and corruption
February 3: Łukasz Niparko & Ingrid Haas - PSEPP Overview & Updates
February 17: Ernest Dupree - The Impact of Threat on Political Representation and Government Preferences
March 2: Dean Jackson & Fathiyyah Maryufani - What You See is (Not) What You Get: A Multimodal Analysis of National Identity in Political Campaign Ads
March 9: Kenneth Wald (University of Florida) - The political consequences of trauma: Holocaust exposure and attachment to Israel among American Jews
March 30 (Zoom): Ruby Basyouni (UNL Psychology) - Perceived Political Threat Predicts Negative Perceptions of Outgroup Facial Expressions
April 13 (Zoom): Kyle Hull - NSF DDRIG Proposal

April 27 (Zoom): First Year Talks

1. Francia Baltazar Parra - Face to face: conflicting effects of oxytocin in attitude toward foreigners

2. Joaquin Suarez - Identification or Social Desirability: What comes first?

Academic Year 2018-2019

August 27: Samantha Wiener - Does Fair Chance Hiring Level the Playing Field for Ex-Offenders?

September 10: Derek Jones - Measuring risk preferences towards future costs under labor-dependent income using oTree

September 24: Aleš Kudrnáč (Czech Academy of Sciences) - Effect of overweight, obesity and subjective health on voting turnout

October 8: Tierney Lorenz (UNL Psychology/CB3) - Salivary Bioscience Core Lab

October 22: No Meeting

November 5: Alison O'Toole - Social Capital, Contact Theory, and Volunteering: Social Networking at the Intersection of Difference

November 19: No Meeting

December 3: Geoff Lorenz - Polarized Pluralism Organizational Preferences and Biases in the American Pressure System. 

January 28: Kyle Hull - Does my wheelchair slow me down? Attitudes towards disabled political candidates

February 11: Jeffrey Stevens - Towards robust, transparent, and reproducible science

March 1: Dona-Gene BartonBenjamin R. Kantack, and Sergio Wals - Is there a culture of no reelection in Mexico?

March 11: No Meeting

March 25: MPSA Practice Talks

1. Hannah Read - Rebel Group Compliance with International Humanitarian Law and Foreign State Sponsorship.

2. Stephen Schneider and Clarrise Warren - Genetic Attributions of Gender Stereotypes Vary by Ideology: A Case for Using Genetic Attributions as Motivated Reasoning.

3. Clarrise Warren and Stephen Schneider - Turning a Blind Eye: How Ideology Influences Perceptions of Sexual Harassment.  

April 8: Dona-Gene Barton and Sergio Wals - Read My Lips: Citizen Perceptions of Campaign Promises

April 22: First Year Talks

1. Dean Jackson - #Hashtages and Hype-waves: The power of the block button

2. Fathiyyah Maryufani - Buzzing the Buzzers: How political social media campaigns can backfire

Academic Year 2017-2018

August 28: APSA Practice Talks

1. Jeonghyeon Kim - The Politics of Refugees in Canada

2. Sami Lauf, Frank Gonzalez, Kevin Smith & John Hibbing - Searching for Politically Relevant Information

September 11: Kyle Hull - Why do governors issue executive orders?
September 25: Stephen Schneider - Threat and Conspiracy Endorsement
October 9: Courtney Hillebrecht - International Criminal Accountability and Domestic Elections: The Politics of Popularity and Resistance
October 23: Scott Bokemper (Yale University) - Experiments on Social Safety Nets for Unemployment
November 6: Robert Schub - Formation of Military Attitudes on the Use of Force
November 20: Ursula Kreitmair - Social Norms Marketing
December 4: Tobin Beck - Medicaid expansion in Nebraska: Can objectivity as a learned norm moderate information framing effects?
January 22: Professional Development 
February 5: Julia Reilly - The specter of justice: Amnesty, courts, and civil war peace negotiations
February 19: Andy Jackson - Do I Know You? The Accuracy of Predictions of Discussion Partners’ Candidate Preference in a Presidential Nominating Contest
February 23 (Friday): Ernest Dupree - Difference in White and African-American Attitudes Toward Representation and Governance
March 5: Trey Andrews (UNL Department of Psychology) - Emotion primes, discrimination, and support for immigration policies

March 26: MPSA Practice Talks

1. Stephen Schneider, John Peterson, & Ingrid Haas - Political Threat, Ideology, and Conspiracy Endorsement Before and After the 2016 Presidential Election

2. Clarisse Warren, Samantha Lauf, Stephen Schneider, Kevin Smith, & John Hibbing - Pressing Politics: Measuring Political Approach and Avoidance Behavior Using a Keypress Task

3. Jeonghyeon Kim -  The Politics of Refugees: Comparative Case Studies on Canada and Australia

April 9: Peter Allen (University of Bath) - Sex differences in blame assignment for women’s underrepresentation in politics: evidence from 27 countries

April 23: First Year Presentations

1. Daryl Baier - Alternative Perspective Approach in Surveys to Reduce Social Desirability Bias on Socially Sensitive Issues

2. Derek Jones - How Do Individuals in Poverty Make Decisions? A Focus on Anticipated Costs under Labor-Dependent Income

3. Jamie Morrissey - Food Insecurity in the United States

4. Samantha Wiener - Threat and Attitudes Toward Ex-Offenders

Academic Year 2016-2017
Aug. 29: APSA Practice Talks
1. Frank Gonzalez & Jack Edelson - I'm (not) with stupid: How extreme candidates can help (or hurt) their parties
Sept. 12: John Hibbing - (1) Political Health and (2) Stealth Democracy
Sept. 26: Stephen Schneider, John Peterson, & Ingrid Haas - Conspiracy Theories
Oct. 10: Julia Reilly - Brokering with Justice: The International Criminal Court and Peace Negotiations in the Ugandan Civil War
Oct. 24: Brandon Nutting (UNL College of Journalism & Mass Communication) - Viewing media in slow motion: Mediated arousal, valence, and time perception
Nov. 7: Ursula Kreitmair - Voting to Reveal Contributions
Nov. 21: Stephen Schneider - Changing Attributions Through Perspective-Taking
Dec. 5: John Peterson - The Heritability of Attitudinal Stability

January 9: SPSA Practice Talks

1. Stephen Schneider, John Peterson, & Ingrid Haas - Belief in Ideological Conspiracy Theories: Situational Threat or Ideological Dispositions? 

January 23: Sarah Michaels - Disasters and Indeterminism
February 6: Sergio Wals, Alejandro Moreno and Benjamin R. Kantack - Public Support for Legislative Reelection in an Emerging Democracy
February 20: Andy Jackson - Deferring to the Experts: Perceptions of Interest Group Expertise as Source Cues in Down-ballot Statewide Races
March 6: Cary Wolbers - Social Networks and Social Science: How Neural Networks and Sentiment Analysis can Innovate the study of Public Opinion
March 27: Allison O'Toole - The Effects of the Refugee Experience on Political Trust: Assimilation and Transnationalism

April 10: WPSA Practice Talks

1. Stephen Schneider, Frank Gonzalez, & Sami Lauf - Ideological Asymmetries in Predispositions to Identify with Groups

April 17: First-Year Talks

1. Ernest Dupree - Constituent Attitudes towards State Level Representation

2. Kyle Hull - Why Do Governors Issue Executive Orders?

3. Sami Lauf - Information Search: The Kinds of Information that Voters Use

4. Clarisse Warren - Examining the Affective Tipping Point

Academic Year 2015-2016
Aug. 31: APSA Practice Talks
Sept. 14: Beth Theiss-Morse, Dona-Gene Barton, Michael Wagner, & Frank Gonzalez - Look who's talking: Political rhetoric, partisanship, and Americans' attitudes about Democratic governance
Sept. 28: Allison Skinner & Ingrid Haas - Perceived threat associated with police officers and Black men predicts support for policing policy reform
Oct. 9 (Friday, 11:30, CB3 Room B60): Gregg Murray (Texas Tech) - Voting is Hard: Cognitive Capacity and Voter Turnout
Oct. 12: Cary Wolbers - Preferential Popularity: Examing Support for Ranked Choice Voting in California
Oct. 26: Andy Jackson - The Impact of Social Contexts on the Political Activism of Republican Iowa Caucus Goers
Nov. 9: Stephen Schneider - All in the Family: Breaking Family Ties by Discussing Politics
January 25: Stephen Schneider, John Hibbing, & Kevin Smith - Attributing Traits and Behaviors to Genetics: Partner to Racism and Eugenics…or Tolerance and Understanding?
February 1: meeting cancelled
February 15: Dona-Gene Barton, Courtney Hillebrecht, & Sergio Wals - A Neglected Nexus: Human Rights and Public Perceptions
February 29: Nam Kyu Kim - Revolutionary Leaders and Mass Killing
March 14: Rupal Mehta - Windows of Opportunity: Nuclear Reversal, Leadership Change, and the Conclusion of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement
March 28: MPSA Practice Talks (Frank Gonzalez, Stephen Schneider)
April 11: Andy Jackson - What Happens When Money Doesn't Matter? The Influence of Interest Group Messages on Down-Ballot Statewide Races
April 25: Ben Sievert - Perception is Everything: How Individuals Perceive Their Ideal Selves In a Confusing Political World
Academic Year 2014-2015
Sept. 10: Beth Theiss-Morse & Sergio Wals - Con la vara que midas...National identity and attitudes toward immigration and emigration in Mexico
Sept. 24: Dona-Gene Mitchell - Enough already! Campaignts and perceptions of political information overload
Oct. 8: Karl Giuseffi - Social anxiety and political participation
Oct. 22: Frank Gonzalez - Winter survival, group identity, and direct democracy
Nov. 5: John Peterson - Do people really get more conservative as they get older?
Nov. 19: Ingrid Haas - The impact of uncertainty on support for political compromise during the 2013 U.S. government shutdown
Dec. 3: Ben Sievert - Political crystallization and self/ideology
Jan. 28: Sergio Wals - The impact of shared ethnicity in political discussion
Feb. 11: Stephen Schneider, John Peterson, & Frank Gonzalez - (Don't) bring us your sick: The effects of disease outbreak on support for foreign aid
March 11: Nathan Munier - Do independent women participate in demostrations more? Empowerment and politics in predicting activism among Mexican women
March 18: Frank Gonzalez - NSF dissertation grant proposal: fMRI study of attitudes toward race-based policies 
April 8: MSPA practice presentations - Nathan Munier & John Peterson 
April 29 (12:30pm): Bert Bakker (University of Amsterdam) - The psychological roots of populist voting