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Welcome, prospective student! Here you’ll find resources and information about the Department of Political Science undergraduate and graduate programs, scholarships and financial aid, and about the careers you could achieve with a degree and skills you earn in the department.

We urge you to embrace your curiosity, and ask questions — lots and lots of questions.

For instance: Is there a genetic basis for political attitudes? Does state building work in countries that experienced widespread human rights abuses? What does it mean to be an American? How do politicians make decisions and when can they change public opinion? How big of a problem is corruption in China?

Our faculty, graduate and undergraduate students are busy answering these and many other important questions across six distinct fields of study. Join us.

Areas of Specialization

American Government and Public Policy

Examines national, state and local government.
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International Relations and Comparative Politics

Addresses problems arising when nations interact and how countries other than the United States govern themselves.
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Biology, Psychology, and Politics

Explores the role of biology and psychology in people's political attitudes and behaviors.
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Human Rights and Security

Examines the nexus between the search for security and the requirement for and establishment of robust humanitarian standards.  
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