Thomas Zimmer

Thomas Zimmer, first year UCARE student

Faculty sponsor: John Hibbing

Project Title: Physiological and Cognitive Investigations of Political Temperament


The Human and Social Dynamics Study is a National Science Foundation-funded project to administer and analyze a battery of political, psychological, physiological, genetic, and neurological measures with a single set of participants to investigate political temperament.  For this project Thomas worked in the Political Physiology Laboratory (directed by Dr. John Hibbing), Visional Attention and Memory Perception Laboratory (directed by Dr. Michael Dodd), and Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (directed by Dr. Kimberly Espy). 

 The majority of his time was spent working with the event-related potential (ERP) data with Dr. John Garza.  For his own project, Thomas investigated how these ERP results relate to the “Big Five” personality traits.  Of particular interest was the relationship between components of the Go/NoGo task and conscientiousness.


Thomas Zimmerman (left) demonstrates the physiology lab equipment on his UCARE sponsor, John Hibbing (right)