PBRG Schedule

The PBRG meets on Mondays from 11:30am-12:30pm in Oldfather Hall Room 538 unless otherwise noted. 

Academic Year 2016-2017
Spring Semester 2017:
January 9: SPSA Practice Talks (Stephen Schneider)
January 23: Sarah Michaels - Disasters and Indeterminism
February 6: Sergio Wals, Alejandro Moreno and Benjamin R. Kantack - Public Support for Legislative Reelection in an Emerging Democracy
February 20: Andy Jackson - Deferring to the Experts: Perceptions of Interest Group Expertise as Source Cues in Down-ballot Statewide Races
March 6: Cary Wolbers - Social Networks and Social Science: How Neural Networks and Sentiment Analysis can Innovate the study of Public Opinion
March 27: Allison O'Toole - The Effects of the Refugee Experience on Political Trust: Assimilation and Transnationalism
April 10: WPSA Practice Talks (Stephen Schneider)
April 17: First-Year Talks (Ernest Dupree, Kyle Hull, Sami Lauf, Clarisse Warren)
Fall Semester 2016:
Aug. 29: APSA Practice Talks
Frank Gonzalez & Jack Edelson - I'm (not) with stupid: How extreme candidates can help (or hurt) their parties
Sept. 12: John Hibbing - (1) Political Health and (2) Stealth Democracy
Sept. 26: Stephen Schneider, John Peterson, & Ingrid Haas - Conspiracy Theories
Oct. 10: Julia Reilly - Brokering with Justice: The International Criminal Court and Peace Negotiations in the Ugandan Civil War
Oct. 24: Brandon Nutting (UNL College of Journalism & Mass Communication) - Viewing media in slow motion: Mediated arousal, valence, and time perception
Nov. 7: Ursula Kreitmair - Voting to Reveal Contributions
Nov. 21: Stephen Schneider - Changing Attributions Through Perspective-Taking
Dec. 5: John Peterson - The Heritability of Attitudinal Stability