Previous Schedules

Previous Schedules

Academic Year 2015-2016
Spring Semester 2016:
January 25: Stephen Schneider, John Hibbing, & Kevin Smith - Attributing Traits and Behaviors to Genetics: Partner to Racism and Eugenics…or Tolerance and Understanding?
February 1: meeting cancelled
February 15: Dona-Gene Barton, Courtney Hillebrecht, & Sergio Wals - A Neglected Nexus: Human Rights and Public Perceptions
February 29: Nam Kyu Kim - Revolutionary Leaders and Mass Killing
March 14: Rupal Mehta - Windows of Opportunity: Nuclear Reversal, Leadership Change, and the Conclusion of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement
March 28: MPSA Practice Talks (Frank Gonzalez, Stephen Schneider)
April 11: Andy Jackson - What Happens When Money Doesn't Matter? The Influence of Interest Group Messages on Down-Ballot Statewide Races
April 25: Ben Sievert - Perception is Everything: How Individuals Perceive Their Ideal Selves In a Confusing Political World

Fall Semester 2015:
Aug. 31: APSA Practice Talks
Sept. 14: Beth Theiss-Morse, Dona-Gene Barton, Michael Wagner, & Frank Gonzalez - Look who's talking: Political rhetoric, partisanship, and Americans' attitudes about Democratic governance
Sept. 28: Allison Skinner & Ingrid Haas - Perceived threat associated with police officers and Black men predicts support for policing policy reform
Oct. 9 (Friday, 11:30, CB3 Room B60): Gregg Murray (Texas Tech) - Voting is Hard: Cognitive Capacity and Voter Turnout
Oct. 12: Cary Wolbers - Preferential Popularity: Examing Support for Ranked Choice Voting in California
Oct. 26: Andy Jackson - The Impact of Social Contexts on the Political Activism of Republican Iowa Caucus Goers
Nov. 9: Stephen Schneider - All in the Family: Breaking Family Ties by Discussing Politics
Dec. 7: Meeting Cancelled (Job Candidates)

Academic Year 2014-2015

Spring Semester 2015:

Jan. 28: Sergio Wals - The impact of shared ethnicity in political discussion
Feb. 11: Stephen Schneider, John Peterson, & Frank Gonzalez - (Don't) bring us your sick: The effects of disease outbreak on support for foreign aid
March 11: Nathan Munier - Do independent women participate in demostrations more? Empowerment and politics in predicting activism among Mexican women
March 18: Frank Gonzalez - NSF dissertation grant proposal: fMRI study of attitudes toward race-based policies 
April 8: MSPA practice presentations - Nathan Munier & John Peterson 
April 29 (12:30pm): Bert Bakker (University of Amsterdam) - The psychological roots of populist voting

Fall Semester 2014:
Sept. 10: Beth Theiss-Morse & Sergio Wals - Con la vara que midas...National identity and attitudes toward immigration and emigration in Mexico
Sept. 24: Dona-Gene Mitchell - Enough already! Campaignts and perceptions of political information overload
Oct. 8: Karl Giuseffi - Social anxiety and political participation
Oct. 22: Frank Gonzalez - Winter survival, group identity, and direct democracy
Nov. 5: John Peterson - Do people really get more conservative as they get older?
Nov. 19: Ingrid Haas - The impact of uncertainty on support for political compromise during the 2013 U.S. government shutdown
Dec. 3: Ben Sievert - Political crystallization and self/ideology