PBRG Members

Below is a list of current UNL faculty and graduate students who are active participants in the PBRG, along with a list of our alumni.

Dona-Gene Barton
Ingrid Haas
John Hibbing
Ursula Kreitmair
Kevin Smith
Elizabeth Theiss-Morse
Sergio Wals
Graduate Students:
Ernest Dupree
Frank Gonzalez
Jonathan Jackson
Kyle Hull
Sami Lauf
Allison O'Toole
John Peterson
Stephen Schneider
Clarisse Warren
PBRG Alumni:
Tim Collins Department of Political Science, St. Olaf College
Balazs Feher
Amanda Friesen Department of Political Science, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Karl Giuseffi Talent Plus
Mike Gruszczynski Department of Political Science, Austin Peay State University
Carly Jacobs Joint Budget Committee, Colorado General Assembly
Nathan Munier
Ben Sievert Talent Plus
Cary Wolbers Gallup