PBRG Schedule

The PBRG meets on Mondays from 11:30am-12:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Academic Year 2020-2021

Fall Semester 2020
August 24: Introductions and Logistics
September 7: Łukasz Niparko, "Civil Society Response to the Erosion of Democracy: A Case Study of Poland". Discussant: Ursula Kreitmair
September 21: Pierce Ekstrom, "The Selective Communication of Political Information: Future Directions in a Research Agenda". Discussant: Geoff Lorenz
October 5: Geoff Lorenz, "Drawing Better Lawmakers: Redistricting Institutions and Legislative Effectiveness". Discussant: Dona-Gene Barton.
October 19: Clarisse Warren, "Not Quite Woke: Implicit Sexism Toward Female Leaders". Discussant: Kyle Hull.
November 2: Alison O'Toole, "Life at the Brink of Difference: Immigrant Diversity, National Identity, Values, and Behavior".  Discussant: Shannon Konkol.
November 16: Kyle Hull, "District 2 Swinging Blue". Discussant: Alex Hall.

Spring Semester 2021
February 8: Alison O'Toole, "Normative Deviance and Unwilling Hosts: What's it Take for the Left-Leaning to Exclude Immigrants?" Discussant: Geoff Lorenz.
February 22: Noelle Troutman, "(Ms.)Calculated Risk: A Theory of Gender Differences in Bargaining." Discussant: Alyssa Sloane
March 8: Dean Jackson, "Tweeting with Feeling: or how we came to hate our digital neighbors". Discussant: Łukasz Niparko.
March 22: Fathiyyah Maryufani, "National Identity in Digital Indonesia." Discussant: Alison O’Toole
March 29: Nichole Bauer (LSU)
April 5th: MPSA practice talks
April 19th: Łukasz Niparko, "On being and becoming 'upstanders': the 21st-Century Civil Society in the Making." Discussant: Dean Jackson
May 3rd: First-year research presentations