Alice Kang Portrait
Associate Professor Political Science

Dr. Alice J. Kang is joint appointed to the Department of Political Science and the Institute for Ethnic Studies (African and African American Studies Program). She is a scholar of comparative politics and women, gender, and politics with a world regional focus on Africa. Dr. Kang teaches courses on African politics, democracy and citizenship, and women and politics. She received her B.A. from Brown University and M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 


  • Reimagining the Judiciary: Women’s Representation on High Courts Worldwide. (co-authored with Maria Escobar-Lemmon, Valerie Hoekstra, and Miki Kittilson). Oxford University Press. Forthcoming September 2021.
  • Bargaining for Women's Rights: Activism in an Aspiring Muslim Democracy. University of Minnesota Press, 2015.

Journal Article Highlights

  • Escobar-Lemmon, Valerie Hoekstra, Alice J. Kang, and Miki Kittilson. 2021. "Breaking the Judicial Glass Ceiling: The Appointment of Women to High Courts Worldwide." Journal of Politics.

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  • Medie, Peace A., and Alice J. Kang. 2018. "Power, Knowledge, and the Politics of Gender in the Global South." European Journal of Politics & Gender 1 (1-2): 37-53.
    Winner of the 2019 European Journal of Politics & Gender Best Paper Award

  • Kang, Alice J., and Aili Mari Tripp. 2018. "Coalitions Matter: Citizenship, Women, and Quota Adoption in Africa." Perspectives on Politics 16 (1): 73-91.