Student Honors

We feature honors classes and one of the most vibrant chapters of the national political science honor’s society. The Political Science Department is also proud of our major scholarship and award winners. The department has the most winners of any department on campus.

Pi Sigma Alpha

The UNL chapter of the national political science honorary, Tau Chapter has boasts more than 45 active members — about 10% of the department’s majors.

Pi Sigma Alpha

Dean's List Recipients

Each semester, students who have attained high academic achievements may qualify to be on the Dean's List. Each student on this list has earned a semester GPA of at least a 3.70 in a minimum of 12 graded hours. Congratulations to our students!

Other Student Achievements

The Political Science Department is proud of our major scholarship winners. The department has had the most winners of any department on campus. To learn more about these scholarship reciepients and the winners of the department's Outstanding Undergraduate Award, visit the link below.

Student Achievements

University Honors Program

The University Honors Program provides high-ability, hardworking students with a customizable education that includes small, interactive and interdisciplinary seminars and a continuum of hands-on experiences. The Honors Program includes students from over 100 majors representing all UNL colleges. Students may apply as a high school senior, or as a current UNL student.

University Honors Program

Honors Classes

100H-Power and Politics in America (3 cr) 
160H-International Relations (3 cr) 
189H-University Honors Seminar (3 cr) 
Prereq: Good standing in the University Honors Program or by invitation. 

A University Honors Seminar 189H is required of all students in the University Honors Program. Topics vary by instructor.

395H-Seminars (topic varies by instructor)
399H-Honors: Individual Research 
Prereq: Permission. 
Open to candidates for degrees with distinction, with high distinction, and with highest distinction in the College of Arts and Sciences.

In addition, any political science course can be applied to honors credit pending approval from and arrangement with the instructor. University Honors Program students may submit a contract proposal via their MyRED account. See here for more information on the process for contracting courses for honors.

In recent years, the following courses have been contracted for honors credit:

100-Power and Politics in America
160-International Relations
227-The Presidency
230-Elections, Political Parties, and Special Interests
238-Blacks and the American Political System
250-Genetics, Behavior, and Politics
260-Problems in International Relations
261-Conflict and Conflict Resolution
345-Courts, Judges, and Lawyers
347-Myths and Realities of the Justice System
361-The United Nations and World Politics
362-Globalization, Human Rights, and Diversity
425-Congress and Public Policymaking
430-Political Communication
441-Constitutional Law
442-Civil Liberties: Freedom of Expression and Conviction
443-Civil Liberties: Issues of Fairness and Equality
470-International Human Rights

Writing an Honors Thesis