Students researching with faculty
Undergraduate research

Explore research opportunities for undergraduate students in political science.

Undergraduate research with a faculty mentor

Undergraduate students can engage in hands-on political science research under the supervision of a faculty mentor through the Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) Program. After taking a class in political science, many undergraduates want to learn more about how political science research is conducted. This is also valuable for our students interested in pursuing graduate studies.  

In year one, students work with a faculty member on his/her research, and in year two, students launch their own project. 

Participant pool

Undergraduate students taking POLS 100 can gain direct experience with research and earn research credits by joining the Political Science Experimental Participant Pool (PSEPP). It is also a sample recruitment tool for political science research.

Photo at top: now-alumna Margo Berends (left) and faculty member Courtney Hillebrecht (right); faculty member Sergio Wals (left) and now-alumnus Ben Kantack (right); now-alumnus Thomas Zimmerman (left) and faculty member John Hibbing (right).

“Doing research through UCARE has given me the opportunity to learn more about a topic and field that really interest me. I have been able to connect what I’m learning about through UCARE with my course work. UCARE has also helped me develop better research skills and build a closer relationship with my professor.”
Margo Berends

“Working with Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Wals on this project has been an absolute blast and the best part of my senior year. Participating in UCARE has challenged me intellectually, helped me hone my research and analytical skills, and prepared me for grad school more than I ever thought it could.”
Ben Kantack

“Working with the Human and Social Dynamics Study on a UCARE grant has allowed me a one-of-a-kind experience in interdisciplinary research. The arc of my academic career will always be shaped by this experience.”
Thomas Zimmer