The Department of Political Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is pleased to announce its current job candidates.

Graduates of this department reflect UNL’s unique integration of learning, teaching, and research. The department requires a wide breadth of coursework across three subfields of political science, giving our students a broad knowledge base.  Students are required to teach at least one course, and most of our students teach multiple courses during their education at UNL.   

Additionally, our students frequently publish with faculty members, and many have published solo pieces by the time they are on the job market.

Thank you for your interest in UNL's Political Science Graduate Program.

Dr. Ingrid Haas — Graduate Chair

Job Candidates

Maria Benes Portrait

Maria Benes

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Maria Benes is a Ph.D. candidate in the Political Science Department with research and teaching interests in human rights, networks and water security. Her research explores the many ways in which networks of actors fill in gaps in the global response to transnational threats. While she looks at interactions, decisions and policies surrounding the water sector specifically, this research has implications for all development sectors. As our world has become more globalized and interconnected, development policies are decided and enacted by intricate layers of actors at the international, national and local levels. Maria also has an excellent track record in teaching and has won awards for teaching and mentoring of undergraduate students. She has been the instructor of record for eight different courses related to human rights, international law and public policy and has spent time working with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Honors Program.