Department Chair & Professor, Hitchcock Family Chair in Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, Forsythe Family Program on Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Director Political Science

Dr. Courtney Hillebrecht is the Hitchcock Family Chair in Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs and Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dr. Hillebrecht also serves as the Director of the Forsythe Family Program on Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs.

Dr. Hillebrecht is the author of Saving the International Justice Regimes: Beyond Backlash against International Courts (2021) and Domestic Politics and International Human Rights Tribunals: The Problem of Compliance (2014), both published by Cambridge University Press.  Her research also has been published in a variety of academic outlets, including, among others, DemocratizationThe European Journal of International RelationsForeign Policy AnalysisHarvard International Law JournalHuman Rights Quarterly, International Interactionsand The Journal of Peace Research

Professor Hillebrecht received her Ph.D. in 2010 from the Department of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and held doctoral research fellowships at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University and the School of Human Rights Research at Utrecht University in Utrecht, The Netherlands. She graduated suma cum laude from Middlebury College with a BA in History and Spanish in 2004.

Selected Publications

  • Women's Rights Recommendations and Compliance Explorer (

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