UNL's already excellent placement record has been surging in recent years, as our national reputation continues to grow! Below are recent Ph.D. graduates listed by research focus.

American Politics, Political Psychology and Biopolitics, and Public Policy

Name Placement Dissertation Chair Year
Kyle Hull Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Theiss-Morse 2023
Karl Giuseffi Executive Vice President of Research and Innovation, Talent Plus, Inc. Smith 2022
Clarisse Warren Research Analyst, The Olinger Group Smith 2022
Alison O'Toole Program Director, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation Theiss-Morse 2021
Ernest Dupree III Lone Star College-Montgomery Hibbing 2020
Stephen Schneider Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Hibbing 2019
Jonathan Jackson Instructor, Louisburg College; Elections Policy Fellow, Civitas Institute Theiss-Morse 2018
Frank Gonzalez Assistant Professor, University of Arizona Theiss-Morse 2017
John Peterson Assistant Professor, Palo Alto College Hibbing 2017
Melissa Trueblood Economic Development Research Manager at Nebraska Department of Economic Development Theiss-Morse


Jayme Neiman Assistant Professor, Northern Iowa Smith 2014
Marty Nader Assistant Professor, Nebraska Wesleyan Theiss-Morse 2014
Mike Gruszyzynski Assistant Professor, Austin Peay State University Hibbing 2013
Amanda Friesen (Balzer) Associate Professor, Western University Smith 2012
Eric Whitaker Research Analyst, State of WA Joint Legislative Audit and Review Comm. Theiss-Morse 2012
Douglas Oxley Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming Smith 2010
Wendy Hind Assistant Professor, Doane College Theiss-Morse 2009
Mitchel N. Herian Public Policy Analyst, UNL Public Policy Center Smith 2008
Shih Yi Chou  Assistant Professor, Tunghai University, Taiwan Hibbing 2008
Peter K. Hatemi Associate Professor, Penn State University Hibbing 2007
Rebecca J. Hannagan Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University Smith 2006
Christopher W. Larimer Associate Professor, University of Northern Iowa Hibbing 2006
John A. Sautter U.S. Marine Corps, JAG Officer Smith 2005
Laura L. Ebke President, Nebraska Campaign for Liberty Theiss-Morse 2005
Mark M. Springer Assistant Professor, University of Mary Hibbing 2004
Christine C. Pappas Professor and Chair, East Central University Combs 2002
Jeffrey Granberg-Rademacker Associate Professor, Mankato State University Smith 2002
James T. Smith Adjunct Faculty, San Diego State University Hibbing 2002
Charlyne R. Berens Professor, UNL College of Journalism Humes 2000

Comparative Politics and International Relations

Name Placement Dissertation Chair Year
Joseph Maestas Political Analyst, U.S. Government Hillebrecht 2024
Noelle Troutman Security and Defense PLuS (S&D+) Postdoctoral Fellowship, The School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University Mehta 2023
Daniel Schaub Instructor, Department of Political Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Hillebrecht 2023
Rula Jabbour Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science, Nebraska Wesleyan University McMahon 2022
Hannah Read

Analyst, Exact Sciences

Hillebrecht 2022
Naser Nahya

Director, Kurdish Community Organization, Lincoln, Nebraska

Miller 2022
Fathiyyah Maryufani

Strategic Communication Consultant, Center for Education and Policy Studies (Pusat Studi Pendidikan dan Kebijakan)

Adjunct Lecturer, Indonesia University of Education (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)

Miller 2022
Maria Benes Co-Director, Before Gethesemane Initiative McMahon 2021
Francisco Iván López Bermúdez Professor, San Francisco de Quito University, Ecuador Miller & Forsythe 2020
Dennis Crawford STRATCOM, Airforce Miller 2019
Matthew Eberhart Director, Commander Initiatives Group, NORTHCOM Combatant Commander Miller 2019
Aaron Hansen United States Government Hillebrecht 2019
Jeonghyeon Kim Visiting Researcher, Human Rights Research and Education Center, University of Ottawa Hillebrecht 2019
Julia Reilly Outreach Coordinator, Forsythe Family Program on HRHA; Lecturer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Hillebrecht 2019
Yue Zoe Senior Program Evaluator, Office of the Legislator Auditor, State of Minnesota McMahon 2019
Marxen W. Kyriss Chief, Deterrence Policy, USSTRATCOM McMahon 2018
Joseph A. McCarthy Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Miller 2018
Alex Kroeger Assistant Professor, Texas State University-San Marcos Miller 2017
Kate Hunt Assistant Professor, Austin Peay State University, TN Kohen 2016
Nate Munier Assistant Professor, American University of Afghanistan, Kabul Miller 2016
Michelle Black Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska, Omaha McMahon 2016
Matthew A. Morehouse Data Analyst, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Miller 2015
Randy Bowdish Assistant Professor, Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO Miller 2013
Jonathan Trexel Science Applications International Corporation Miller 2013
Jake Wobig Assistant Professor, Wingate University Miller 2013
Daniel Braaten Assistant Professor, Texas Lutheran Rapkin 2012
Tina Zappile Assistant Professor, Richard Stockton College Rapkin 2011
Evan Renfro Fleet Professor, US Naval War College McMahon 2011
Tyler R. White Undergraduate Advisor/Lecturer, U of Nebraska-Lincoln McMahon 2010
Gang-hoon Kim Senior Researcher, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Theiss-Morse 2009
Ufuk K. Ergin Assistant to Secretariat General for the EU in Turkey Hibbing 2007
Levente Littvay Assistant Professor, Central European University Wedeman 2006
Eric A. Heinze Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma Forsythe 2005
Phillip J. LaSala Faculty, American Military University Rapkin 2003
Safia N. Swimelar Assistant Professor, Elon University Forsythe 2003
Cameron Otopalik Adjunct Professor, Central Washington University Forsythe 2000

Political Theory

Name Placement Dissertation Chair Year
Laura Roost  Lecturer, The Pennsylvania State University Kohen 2014
Barbara Flanagan Associate Professor, Central Washington University Spinner-Halev 2003