Jeonghyeon Kim receives the Steven C. Poe Graduate Student Paper Award

Photo Credit: Jeonghyeon Kim Portrait
Mon, 10/29/2018 - 14:29

Political science graduate student Jeonghyeon Kim received the 2018 ISA's Human Rights Section's Steven C. Poe Graduate Student Paper Award for her paper "The Politics of Refugees: Comparative Case Studies on Canada and Australia." Below is the award committee's praising review of Jeonghyeon's paper:

“Kim addresses a timely and important global issue, the findings of which can be generalized to other countries to understand the causes and consequences of government refugee policies, particularly in democracies. Kim analyzes original data on two cases; Canada and Australia, completes extensive fieldwork and performs content analysis on the sources used to derive their conclusions. The author contextualizes their research in the wider literature which increases its potential to make important contributions to the topic of refugees. This work is overall very impressive.”

Jeonghyeon Kim provided this quote in light of receiving the award:

"I am honored to be the recipient of the ISA's Human Rights Section's Steven C. Poe Graduate Student Paper Award. This paper would not have been possible without fieldwork and interviews, conducted in Canada and Australia. I appreciate Dr. Joseph Elston Fellowship from the Forsythe Family program on Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs and Summer Research fellowship from the Department of Political Science that supported my fieldwork and made this research possible. I also appreciate the International Relations and Comparative Politics Group that gave me valuable feedback and insights on my paper. Last but not least, I am immensely grateful to Dr. Hillebrecht who taught me how to write and the joy of research."

Please join the Political Science department in congratulating Jeonghyeon!