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Let curiosity move you to major or minor in political science!

You can also earn a Public Policy Analysis Certificate.


Majoring in political science at Nebraska moves you to combine the analytical and communication skills of a liberal arts degree with an in-depth understanding of governments and political processes. You can also experience courses in different subfields of political science, which contribute to your overall knowledge of complex political relations and institutions:

  • American Government and Public Policy examines national, state and local government
  • Biology, Psychology and Politics explores the role of biology and psychology in people’s political attitudes and behaviors
  • Human Rights and Security examines the nexus between the search for security and the requirement for and establishment of robust humanitarian standards
  • International Relations and Comparative Politics addresses problems arising when nations interact and how countries other than the United States govern themselves


In the College of Arts and Sciences, we know experience is valuable and goes beyond the classroom. We strive to help you connect your academics with research, internships, education abroad, service learning and leadership experiences. Take advantage of opportunities in political science such as:

  • Studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic
  • • Serving as the ASUN president (the last five: all political science students)
  • Interning with a senator in the United States Senate or with Nebraskans for Civic Reform
  • Researching the relationship between political orientation, racial bias and moral foundations
  • Volunteering with Justice for Our Neighbors


As a political science major you will be drawn to, and be successful in, a number of occupations and professions. Training in political science at Nebraska provides you with a capacity to gather information, sort through it, select that which is relevant and apply it in solving a specific problem. Here are examples of recent graduates’ employment:

  • Civic Engagement and Organizing Coordinator / BORDER ACTION NETWORK
  • Deputy Data Director / DEMOCRAT PARTY OF VIRGINIA
  • Director of Voting Rights / NEBRASKANS FOR CIVIC REFORM
  • Financial Services Officer / SACS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION
  • Immigration Services Officer / THE DEPARTMENT OF HOME LAND SECURITY
  • Outreach and Communications Associate / CAMBRIDGE GLOBAL ADVISORS
  • Public Involvement Specialist / STATE OF NEBRASKA
  • Resource and Student Engagement Coordinator / NEBRASKA FAMILY ALLIANCE