Associate Professor Political Science

Dr. Ross Miller is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His primary research includes audience costs and international conflict. He is a co-author of Before Norms: Institutions and Civic Culture and has several articles published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Political Research Quarterly, Comparative Political Studies, and the American Journal of Political Science.

Research Areas

  • International Conflict
  • American Foreign Policy
  • Research Methods
  • Comparative Political Institutions
  • Resolve and Civil Wars
  • Leader Tenure


  • Fellowship, Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, University of California, San Diego
  • Fellowship, Hoover Institution, Stanford, CA


  • Before Norms: Institutions and Civic Culture (University of Michigan Press, 2004), co-author.

Selected Journal Articles

  • Miller, R. A. 2020. “Welcome to the Jungle: a research note on leader entry, combat experience, and dispute targeting.” International Interactions, 46(4), 636-651. 

  • Miller, Ross A. and Karen Albert.  2015.  “If it leads, it bleeds (and if it bleeds, it leads): Media   Coverage and Fatalities in Militarized Interstate Disputes.  Political Communication, 32 (1): 61-82.        

  • Miller, Ross A. 2015. “You’ve Got to Know When to Fold ‘Em: International and Domestic Consequences of Capitulation, 1919–1999.”  International Interactions 41:4: 674-698.  

  • Miller, Ross A. and Özlem Elgün. 2011.Diversion and Political Survival in Latin America.” Journal of Conflict Resolution. Vol. 55:192-219. 

  • Miller, Ross A. 1999.  “Regime Type, Strategic Interaction, and the Diversionary Use of Force.” Journal of Conflict Resolution Vol. 43: 388-402. 

  • Dudley, Ryan and Ross A. Miller. 1998. “Group Rebellion in the 1980s.”  Journal of Conflict Resolution Vol. 42: 77-96 

  • Jackman, Robert W. and Ross A. Miller.  1998. “Social Capital and Politics.” Annual Review of Political Science Vol 1: 47-73.  

  • Nicholson, Stephen P. and Ross A. Miller. 1997 “Prior Beliefs and Turnout in the 1986 and 1988 Congressional Elections.” Political Research Quarterly Vol. 50: 199-214  

  • Jackman, Robert W. and Ross A. Miller. 1996.  "A Renaissance of Political Culture?" American Journal of Political Science  Vol. 40: 632-659. 

  • Jackman, Robert W. and Ross A. Miller. 1996.  "The Poverty of Political Culture." American Journal of Political Science Vol. 40: 697-716. 

  • Jackman, Robert W. and Ross A. Miller.  1996. “Turnout and the Economy: Reply.” Comparative Political Studies  Vol. 29: 724-733 

  • Miller, Ross A. 1995.  "Domestic Structures and the Diversionary Use of Force."  American Journal of Political Science  Vol. 39, pp. 760-785. 

  • Jackman, Robert W. and Ross A. Miller. 1995. "Voter Turnout in the Industrial Democracies during The 1980s" Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 27, pp. 467-492. 

Career Highlights

  • Ph.D. University of California, Davis, 1994