Political Science Experimental Participant Pool (PSEPP)

PSEPP is a sample recruitment tool for political science research and is sponsored by the Department of Political Science. Its purposes are twofold: for students to learn about the research process, and for researchers to conduct their research. The pool has been operating since fall 2008, and nearly 100 studies have been conducted this way.

How to earn research credits

Instructors make detailed, course-specific instructions available to students at the beginning of the semester. To complete the research component of your political science course, you must earn eight (8) research credits this semester. 

Research credits may be earned three ways:

  • Option A: Study Participation
    Participate in research studies conducted by faculty and graduate students within the Political Science Department (usually 1-2 credits per study)
  • Option B: Article Reports
    Read and summarize research articles written by political science faculty (2 credits each)
  • Option C: Combination
    Complete the required 8 credits through a combination of Option A (Study Participation) and Option B (Article Reports)




Faculty coordinator
Dr. Ingrid Haas

Research coordinator
Łukasz Niparko

Office hours

In Fall 2020, there will be virtual office hours only — please use this link to make your appointment.